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Do NOT even THINK about using this supplier.

When I moved in to my (single occupier, one bedroom) flat in Sept 2012 I was told that the supplier was npower and silly me, I didn't think to look at a site like this to check them out. Although, looking at the reviews below, switching wouldn't have helped. I sent off a direct debit mandate as normal, and some time had passed before I realised I hadn't heard anything from them. I rang them up and the advisor had some trouble getting a direct debit into the system. He eventually managed it at an amount of £30 per month and I thought nothing of it until May, when I cancelled the direct debit in error and I couldn't get another set up over the phone because of their new systems (I called the next day).

I was told by one advisor that I had an economy 10 meter (correct) and I would have to get the meters removed and a standard one put in as they couldn't bill the meter on their systems (bullshit). I rang my landlady to check with her and then rang npower back to be told by another advisor that it would be fine- a 'complex metering team' would calculate the bill manually and a new direct debit would be set up when they did that. Did they hell. I've been having to make monthly manual payments since then as they didn't manage to bill me until August. I chased this many times after hearing no reply and eventually complained. Each member of staff in customer services seemed to have a different idea of what timescales this complex metering team work to and they seem to say anything to fob you off and get you off the phone.

When they billed me they transposed the readings from each meter and evidently couldn't be bothered to set up the direct debit so they closed my case down. I rang in (lost count of how many times since May) to get it sorted out and received another bill today with a debit of £914.34 on the account, so they have billed me for £1,214.34 between 14 Sept 12 and 7 Sept 14. Again, single occupier in a 1 bed flat. Again they haven't set up a direct debit or acknowledged the complaint so I've sent them a message using their contact form telling them (moderately politely) that they are imbeciles. They are demanding payment for the 3rd October 2013. Oh, and all their correspondence seems to reach me a week after it's dated so God only knows what's going on there.

The last time I received a reply from the contact forms, it was clear that they had taken zero notice of the notes on my account so I had to ring in anyway- not expecting much this time, since I received an acknowledgement email telling me that they are getting more correspondence than usual (I wonder why(!)) and that it will take them longer than normal to reply. Well that's just brilliant.

So, after numerous phone calls to complaints and customer services, one written complaint and a couple of complaint forms later, the issue has not been resolved and I have been left with a debt that they have let accrue on my account because they couldn't bill me for a year. Who's to say the amount is right anyway? Sounds like from other people they seem to charge whatever they want and don't care less about how it affects people.

So, unless you like being put under unnecessary stress and love being charged insane amounts of money, don't use npower.

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Bellezo Ltd.

A good experience

I ordered a hair product from them as I couldn't find a better price anywhere else. They have a voucher code that can be used to get 10% off your first order if you sign up to their newsletter. They dispatched my item promptly, very pleased.


Fast delivery and great customer service

I ordered 5 items on monday morning, and recieved emails for each one informing me that each had been sent to the courier (4 with Yodel and 1 with Hermes). Not realising that Tesco used these couriers I was a little worried, as Yodel has a terrible reputation. However, the items from Yodel were delivered on Tuesday afternoon, very impressed! However, one of the items had a part missing, so I emailed customer services asking for it to be posted out to me, as I was recluctant to phone the 0845 number. I recieved a phone call from a very friendly lady informing me that I could have a replacement delivered and they would pick up the old one at the same time on Thursday. I recieved the Hermes parcel on Wednesday, and the swap was fine on Thursday.
All this was from the £3 delivery option which promised delivery by the Saturday, very pleased! As I had the week off work, this was very convenient, but had I been at work it would have been quite awkward with no one to collect packages. Would definitely use again.


Generally a happy customer

I have made a few online purchases with this company now and I have no complaints, except that the 'track your order' function doesn't seem to work at all. It says it has 'despatched' then does not update with courier details. I recently ordered some items in the sale and was happy with the price and delivery.


Amazing bargains, just keep checking

This is a cobuying website where you can join cobuys for various types of products, mainly beauty and cosmetics, and get discounts off these products by doing so. The best deal I have gotten was a lovely Delonghi toaster for £23, would have cost me around £70 elsewhere. They can sometimes take a while to dispatch, but if they take longer than 7 days (which has only happened once in all the time I have been cobuying with them) they will send you a courteous email apologising and explaining the delay. This is a very fun way to shop, just make sure you can't get the item including the delivery price cheaper anywhere else.


Can be an excellent service, but some things are unclear.

I signed up to quidco a few months ago, and I am generally pleased. But, why is there no general 'contact us' feature? My clicksnap thing refuses to work as it states I have the wrong log in details. I tried to contact Quidco, and found I could only view some useless FAQ section which does not allow you to send them a message. The mobile checkins are great as these are not included in the retention fee, but sometimes the app has problems and you cannot check in.

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31 December 2012

Reply from Quidco

Hi Louise,

I'm really sorry to hear you're having trouble. We would love to try and help you out, so if you go to www.quidco.com/support-contact-us and select "my question is not covered above" this will open a blank ticket for you to talk to us about what ever you like.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks, Quidco


Online shopping

I have used the online grocery service for a long time and I have never had a major problem. There are more minor things they could improve, like the subsitution procedure and giving too little/too many bags, but I will continue to use so long as the service remains this good!


Generally good, but a few issues...

On the whole, I like this company and all of my transactions with them have gone smoothly. Delivery and dispatch are usually quite quick, and they often have huge discount days.
The problem with this site, is firstly, the swatches of the products. It is impossible to tell what shade you are in their foundations, and even some of the nail polish swatches are completely untrue to real life.
Secondly, the quality of the products varies so much! You can buy a product, love it, then repurchase it and it will be horrible! I don't understand why they don't have better quality control. Even some of their more expensive products have problems. I bought a lipgloss from their mineral range and the packaging is so bad you can barely get any out of the tube! Not sure if I would buy anything again.


Harrassing phone calls

I recently got a new phone line when I had internet installed. Immediately, the phone calls started from some unknown number. They kept asking for a woman who does not and has never lived at my address. I told them this time and again and they still refused to stop calling. I asked them to update their records and still they wouldn't. The person calling would never introduce themselves, or explain why they were calling, which I find appallingly rude. I eventually looked up the phone number to find a few people had experienced similar treatment. I rang the number to find that in fact it was Natwest Home Insurance! I thought it was some kind of debt collection agency the way they were acting! I forwarded a complaint via their website telling them to sod off (mostly politely) and I recieved a letter saying they would look into my complaint. I have not had any further letters but hurrah, they have stopped calling me!


Home delivery

I used their home delivery service to get some furniture. I was unable to get time off work for the delivery slot they allocated me, so I rang them to change it. I was on hold for around 45 mins on an 0845 number to get it changed from Tuesday to Friday. I came home from work on the tuesday to find that delivery had been attempted. I was furious that I had spent money trying to get a delivery slot changed and they hadn't even done it properly. I was able to change it with the courier, luckily but sent a complaint to Ikea. A woman phoned me regarding my complaint and treated me as if I was stupid and I had gotten it wrong! When I explained I had recieved an email that confirmed the Friday delivery slot still no apology. Would not use again.


Will never use their home delivery again

I ordered some furniture online, managing to get a Saturday delivery slot after many problems with their website not working properly. The delivery slot was a few weeks in the future, confirmed via email. When the delivery day came, nothing arrived. I checked the tracking tool, and it stated that they would contact me to arrange a delivery time. I rang customer services who told me that the booking hadn't gone through properly and someone had tried to ring me the day before (they hadn't) and my delivery was put back another month. The person on the phone didn't take into account my complaint at all. Not happy.

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