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Looks like DPD have been stealing parcels again!

Looks to me like DPD have been lying through their teeth again to me, I have yet to find one delivery they have made where they actually have done their jobs properly!

Firstly they delivered I wasn't in that's fair enough, but it would have been nice to actually been able to actually get a predicted time (the 1 hour window of when they will deliver, which I never received), but then to find out that an upgrade to my delivery on a saturday was not actioned (typical incompetent DPD) then them telling me that my door was sold brown when actually it's partially glass.

I mean it's quite a high value parcel and you need to actually get this right first time, you have yet to actually do this, not to mention that when I phoned their customer services to find out where the heck my parcel was, I asked if I could go down and get it, 30 miles away (not great but this is where I am getting worried), they said the depot was open until 3pm, that's a lie they all close at 12 noon, so basically been told inaccurate information, nice job DPD!

Then to be told I couldn't get access to it because it would still be with the driver now, so basically you can't tell where the heck it is then? Makes me feel I should talk directly to the police and wonder if this is theft as I have heard others with similar responses from you and you have stolen them!

This really is frankly shocking service, get your jobs done competently would be a nice thing you know without all this inaccurate rubbish you keep dribbling on about, I don't think DPD as a whole work force have 1 single brain cell to rub together collectively let alone single people!

PS this was supposed to be a xmas present for xmas eve but typical DPD slower than snail mail and that's really saying something!

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07 January 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Victoria,

Sorry about the delay and for any inconvenience caused.

Looking at our system, the reason that you did not receive a one hour delivery window via SMS is because we did not receive a contact mobile number (only landline). We did have a contact email address for you though, so you should have received notifications to that.

Was everything okay when we delivered on New Year's Eve?

Please let me know if you require any assistance -

Kind regards,


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