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Fasthosts Internet

Do not use Fasthosts

Fasthosts are possibly the worst hosting company I have ever used (over the years I've had to use several).

Firstly it is VERY difficult to get out of contracts with them, make sure you read ALL of the fine print in the contract you are supposedly agreeing to. Their pricing isn't transparent, they will bill you even if it was a mistake and good luck getting a refund.

Second, their sales teams are lairs. They will tell you their hosting service is excellent. They will also say they have made important changes to the way the company is ran as the internet is full of negative reviews about Fasthosts. That is a lie, they are still the worst hosting company I've used even after all these years of being in business.

Their hosting is absolutely terrible too. I have used their hosting packages and also their VPS. Their VPS suffers from the very typical disk bottleneck problem, i.e. other customers use will result in your VPS being in a starved state. Downtime is very regular, albeit a few minutes at a time. I felt like I had constantly watch my VPS all the time because it could go down at any time.

Secondly their web hosting isn't very good either, I was always receiving messages from Pingdom that my site wasn't down. I was very far off their 99.99% guarantee.

Technical support: good luck getting any help from these guys. Bunch of novices - they don't know what they are doing and give you very simplistic replies.

Overall a very bad hosting company - I don't understand why anyone would use them. You can do MUCH better than Fasthosts. Avoid at all costs.

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