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Cloud Next Ltd

Straight forward and easy to deal with

I have been with Cloudnext as my ISP for about 18 months now.
I have 4 websites with them, and I find them so easy to deal with and the value is amazing. Once you have your major site set up, you can then add other major sites as sub sites and only pay a small amount in charges for up to 10 sub sites, and each site gets the same attention (which was something that worried me when I first joined up).


Pretty Good

OK, if a company want my business they must not muck me around.

I moved from BT to Virgin because BT have the the worst broadband speed in the world, so I moved to Virgin - mistake - well so far NO.

The day we signed up we walked out of the Virgin store with our mobiles and an installation date for the TV. Over the rest of that weekend, my partner read some stuff online and in some mags and asked it we could have a Tivo box aswell, I went into the store on Monday, expecting all kinds of grief, walked out 15 minutes later all done, no extra paper to sign.

On the day of installation the engineer turned up in his boots and put on plastic over shoes before he walked into my house, he normally worked in Swindon, but had driven up to do installations in London because they where so busy, he was polite, professional and did not stop apologising because the Tivo box did not pick up an IP address in the first 10 minutes.

3 months into the contract, I am still enjoying Virgin, I asked for Sky sports to be switched on over the Christmas period, yep got it 20 minutes later, they have now turned it off without any fuss.

I have one little wish, please sort out your automatic telephone system.

Mazuma Mobile

One Word - Awesome

I went on their site, opened an account which I was then able to use immeadiatly - not wait 24 hours like other sites.
I entered the IMEI number of my phone, the lookup worked first time, I was given the options of how to get the phones to them, I chose to print the labels, which worked.
The instructions where clear and concise at every stage.
Four days later a cheque arrived (late I am sure because of the Christmas mail), with my settlement cheque in.
Done and sorted - no mess - I hope they teach other companies the way home.

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