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Worst on-line buying experience ever - Buyer beware

Purchased from this company at the end of November. After my goods did not arrive , I TRIED to contact customer services by phone. When I reached the top of the call list the phone just rang & rang, presumably those above me in the queue had given up rather than had their call answered?. They did however respond to email eventually that at first gave the impression of a business that was interested in me.

Despite having asked for a refund under DSR after the second failed promise my goods had been despatched, I was met with a wall of silence as this company refused/ignored to participate in the PAYPAL resolution process, ultimately resulting in me getting my monies back as a result by default.

All in all a disappointing buying experience, that had I googled this company in the first place would have saved me a month of hassle. There are negative reviews going back years about this company and their atrocious track record relating to Customer Service and issue resolution.

My advise based on my buying experience would be avoid this company at all costs and give your business to a company that cares about Customer Service but if you must use them I suggest the following:

1) Pay using PAYPAL, their resolution process is not the fastest but it is effective and your monies will be refunded even without iheadphones participation and following through their tiresome T&C's. Second best would be your credit card so you can leverage a chargeback if needed via your CC company.

2) Check Iheadphones authorised dealer status for the product(s) you are buying. This impacts not only your warranty/support status with the manufacture but could mean you are getting non UK (grey import) products. I have no problem using a non AD but this should be reflected in the selling price of the products to balance the risk with the warranty and specification.

3) Look at other sites for reviews about this company, seems odd on TP the vast majority of the reviews indicate this company can do no wrong..... either they are fictitiously posting reviews to cover up how bad they are OR they are good and need to sack their customer services team, as they are incompetent when it comes to issue resolution which is dragging their otherwise sound business down as its their POOR CUSTOMER SERVCE that people on here post negative reviews about.......

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