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Battery Station

let down badly by receptionist - follow up excellent.

There was an issue with the delivery. The receptionist could not have been more unfriendly if they tried.

The issue was handled very well by customer services. However, if I had not been persistent and phoned back, it would have been a very different story.

Following my original post the company were very helpful and open with regard to my original review.

I was very impressed with their handling of the situation and would be very happy to deal with them again.

31 December 2012

Reply from Alfafado LTD

Dear Customer (Name witheld for privacy),

Thanks for taking the time to discuss the problem with you on the phone. We have sent you the calls logs of the calls in question and questioned the employee who answered the phone call. In the interests of being open, we have also included the employees comments which support the issue of a very bad line.

This is the first complaint of it's kind we have received and we believe it is due to a misunderstanding due to a severely crackly phone line. We have now adopted a policy where any inaudible call will be quickly terminated and we will proactively call the customer back to try and get a clearer line.

I have also noted your concern that we may have a typo on our phone number in the confirmation emails and we are currently checking this.

Thank you for your repeat custom and hopefully if you need to contact us again, these problems can be avoided.

Best Regards,

Battery Station Customer Service Team.

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