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Etsy is great alternative

I gave this company 3 stars because I've neither bought nor sold on it. I've only browsed and didn't really like the way it is set up. But it is free, so I guess a seller can't complain, but a buyer may be put off.

I haven't heard much about eCrater, good or bad, at all. I am an occasional seller and buyer on eBay with only one bad selling experience (no pay but relisted and sold for same price). I stick primarily to selling on Etsy, which is great for 20+ year old stuff and handmade things. I started buying (gifts) over a year ago and have 100% satisfaction. I've been selling my vintage items for a few months and have had a great start with my shop. More people that I talk to have heard about Etsy (but it isn't free to sell, but still cheaper and better experience for me than eBay) than eCrater, especially those interested in vintage/handmade.

Hope this helps someone.



For some sellers, it's not an option It all depends on what you are selling.

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