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Never again

Had to make a facebook accout to write here. I hate facebook, but i HAD to write this. Its insane, unbelievble how they treat there customers.

I preordered GTAV and im so dissapointed. Im from germany and since Rockstar made a distriction for shipments before 16. September i was fully aware of the fact that i would have to wait until this weekend (since delivery takes up to five days and in germany a week has 6 working days). So i was writing into 2games blog with other customers. some got their copy today (saturday) some not, that made me hope. I say this loud and clear: I never blamed 2game for this, since its not their fault. I never talked negativ nor did i flame needlessly. So we were talking nice and calm with each other, as this Joke of a reseller DAVE BURNS appeared to "help" us. In fact he flamed his customers. He wrote things like "Today is NOT working day 5". I told him in germany we got 6 working days, and so it IS working day 5 or even 6 if you count monday too (it was dispatched on monday). And he again said im wrong. so i wrote "in your world maybe" and he flamed me again for writing needlessly posts and prevent him to help customers. Earlier he wrote " you waited 5 years, its not so hard to wait until monday" another customer was sad about that post and wrote" this is a slap to my face" (he deleted both comments and banned the customer. Then i wrote that HE in fact made me very angry now and ill send the game back and never buy anything else from them. I got banned too, and my comment deleted.
NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAVE BURNS, what a joke...

E Bug

Alles super gelaufen, bin sehr zufrieden.

Hab die Festplatte bestellt und bin von den Preisen und dem Gesamteindruck des Shops überzeugt. Ein Freund hat ihn mir empfohlen, darum hab ich auch bedenkenlos zugegriffen und wurde nicht enttäuscht.

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