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Mazuma Mobile

No fuss, 24 hours later, money was on my banking account.Thanks

Sold a few handsets and ipads as I was revamp my models,Checked the price on Mazuma and was already the best out of all the other sites.Sold online, next day package arrived, sent it same day special delivery(Paid £6 as suggested for insurance purposes but they will pay normal post services) next day got a confirmation that my item arrived and on the same day later money was transfer to my account.That was it!

Spot on!

Been using Wiggle for a while now,navigation is perfect,products details,review and Q&A are great,no other site will give you that experience.Never have any issues with these guys that it hasn't been resolved in a friendly, professional and quickly way.
Still my wife loves the Haribo


Customer Service people are nice but will never use it again.

Order a Cube road cycling vest on the 21st July from the comfort of my home, received a weird MTB short on the 24th ,emailed sportsPursuit and was told by an apologetic person that the vest was no longer available, was told to post it back,pay for the post,take a picture of the receipt, email it back and the postage and the payment according with their own words would be"a full and immediate refund" Done all that but haven't got the money back yet and also been told now that the postage will be paylpall,credit store or to send my banking details.Frankly, my first experience have been very far from satisfactory and for a business who rely on social networking referrals and I am far from impressed.Got another apologetic reply with extra store credit and advising that the refund would be process after receiving the item so not immediate refund.Don't know what to say, but will stick with Amazon,Wiggle,Evans and Cycle surgery for now until my money is back.

Update 8th August -
After the reply, Ben from their customer service process my refund immediately and was keen for me to try using their site again.As I had £10 credit for the messy transaction above plus my postal charges to send the wrong item back and was desperate purchase some cycling jerseys.I waited for some decent jerseys to come up and finally spot a few.First was quite hard to get the ones I wanted as majority was already sold out or didn't had my size available, so I ended up buying one that it was ok but not great.Honestly, I only ordered because I wanted to change my impression about my first experience and second I wanted to use my £10 credit.After completing the purchase I've realise the jersey would take a while to arrive, to be honest almost one month and in between I bought 3 jerseys from wiggle for a great price and was delivery to my home within 48 hours.So went again on the website and look for cancelations and found I could cancel as longer my order was processing which was.I canceled and received my refund back on my card very quickly, however I've lost the £10 credit was given to me on first place on the beginning of this review as this never went back to my store account.I am not bothered about and I am also still waiting for a pair of gloves I've purchased to my wife.Wasn't cheap and didn't look for other deals but was keen to have something ordered from them to be able to judge.
My overal experience hasn't been great at all, although Ben from customer service kept in touch with me all the time and has always been really polite and keen to solve my issues.I found the website a little confuse, no search box to look for a item, when browsing lots of articles and going back will take you back to the beginning of that page and you have again to scroll down all over.Delivery takes absolutely ages and prices can be competitive sometimes but places like chain reaction,wiggle,amazon & evans will very often have a better deal,better delivery timings and better browsing experience.So after almost 2 months trying to purchase something from SPorts Pursuit I ended up with a pair of gloves that wasn't for me(Still hans't arrived), a jersey which never arrived(instead a got a short send back and paid for the postal service), a credit of £10 that was wiped out of my account.Will not use it again.Sorry folks!

26 July 2013

Reply from

Hi Rods,

Apologies again for the problems with your order. A barcoding error in our warehouse was the reason that you received the incorrect item and unfortunately because of the nature of our sales and the way we work with our suppliers we can't guarantee that we can get the correct shirt for you. I understand Ben is working with our supplier to try and source the correct item for you and he'll be in touch to let you know if this will be possible. And in the meantime a full refund has now been processed for you.

Apologies again for delay and disappointment caused. I realise that this first experience doesn't incentivise you to shop with us again, but I do hope you'll use us again and realise that this is not the norm.

Thanks very much for your feedback.



Worse kind

I would easily given them -10 stars if I could as I have never seen such group of unprofessional and rude people in just one place.Worse people Ive ever witnessed doing business.After ordering a simple silver quick release skewer over amazon and receiving in black one I've decided to let them know that it was wrong but I was going to keep it anyway but was also going to place a review about the seller.Even so I decided to keep the wrong colour, my email receipt from amazon and the picture inside the server clearly had the picture of a silver skewer.Immediately after that I have received a call on my home phone from someone from the shop shouting and swearing at me about me entering a feedback saying that it was black all along and amazon server was to blame etc....and even put the phone down on my face.After that I had to file a formal complaint to amazon about this people as they started harassment, sending rude emails, writing detrimental comments about myself etc...I could not reply to their comments on amazon as it was a response from my feedback so they got the last word and I had to take a different approach.The guy had the audacity to write things like "This customer is not right in the head". "The customer could not accept that he had made an error" "Please Beware of this sad and insane person and ignore his bogus feedback".I felt very disappointed and really believe I was dealing with mobs rather than business people.I never wanted to return the product neither asked for refund so please be very aware.I know I'm not alone as if you google their business you will see some horrific cases about their gangster style dealing with people, however, I did came across a great review on trust pilot about their shop, but guess what?The person who wrote was the owner of the shop itself.

Tredz Bikes

Rubbish company

Placed my order and confirmed the availability of all my products which was all ready for delivery.Only to receive an email from the business 2 days later advising that the bike i've ordered was out of order until March 2013. Cancelled everything and won't doing business with them again as they clearly sucks!

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