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Failed sale of moped

I advertised my moped for a mere 1,800 pounds on AT (as new) for 30 quid and received a grand total of around 6 mails in response, four of which were scam emails. I pasted AT respondee names and text into Google and it quickly became apparent that these were established scam email names and scam wordings which have been going on for some time now (for some years in some cases). I forwarded said emails to AT as suggested (no response) and am extremely disappointed to learn that AT have no system of screening in place that picks up such obvious scams emails (obvious to me at least) which run the risk of losing many susceptible customers money. Fortunately - as an ex banker - I can spot a scam but I suspect many AT customers cannot and I do feel that AT should be doing something (anything!) to prevent such scam emails being received by their customers (such as myself) who paid them a healthy 30 pds to receive such lax service which exposes them to genuine risk of loss.

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Dave Griffiths
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom