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Rude and Poor Customer Service AGAIN

Four years ago, the last time I ordered a new phone from Vodafone, I had a nightmare of a time. Phone didn't arrive, billed the wrong amount, you name it, it went on for weeks!. This time I was promised delivery on 31st Dec. on the phone, by two texts and by email. (Email sent 30th Dec.). When I turned my phone on on 31st Dec. I received a text saying it will be delivered on 2nd Jan. I phoned 191 and spoke to a very rude person who argued with me about everything, showed no customer focus or empathy. She said it was an automatic system and I shouldn't have been told 31st Dec. BUT I WAS TOLD 31st DEC, then texted twice, then emailed. This is what happened before and the phone didn't arrive for ages. When I pointed out that the amount shown online was incorrect, I was told that is because the discount will be shown on the bill. I was told that last time as well and guess what happened... I was billed the wrong amount. Four years have passed and they are still doing exactly the same thing. She asked if I wanted to raise a Pier Issue (or something). Later she explained that that meant a complaint about the first person I spoke to. I said yes and she said okay she would do it, but I was not able to raise a formal complaint over the phone! Have raised that via email. I expect that I will cancel my contract with Vodafone over this, not for the error, anyone can make lots of mistakes, but for the attitude of their customer services people.

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Robert Mortimer
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A loyal Vodafone customer who only gets treated properly by sales staff. Now looking to move provider as I've had enough. All the joy of choosing a new phone has been lost.