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You can't win them all...

I ordered four pots of Corsican Mint.

I hadn't managed to find it for sale anywhere else, so I was *thrilled* to find it for sale here. It arrived, very speedy, within three days - *very well done indeed*.

I bought them in winter, sadly three of them died, despite being in a sunny, heated conservatory. Grove nurseries have offered to replace the dead ones, which is very decent of them :)

So, the good:
Super speedy delivery;
Plants arrived healthy, well-packed and well insulated, in sturdy pots.
Kind offer to replace dead plants.

The bad / ugly:
*Because I placed my order in the midst of winter*, three plants out of four have died :(

Lessons learned:
If you're going to place an order, check when it's going to be dispatched - or, make sure you get the time of year right. Otherwise, you might end up paying rather a lot for your one / two surviving plants!

Obviously this is NOT the fault of the nursery - it's mine for making a daft assumption, but I'm still slightly saddened by the loss of my pretty little plants - don't make my mistake!!

I'll update my review when the dead ones have been replaced :)

31 December 2012

Reply from grovesnurseries.co.uk

Dear Ceri,

We were sorry to hear that you have had problems with the Corsican Mint. We generally send plants out as soon as possible unless customers state otherwise, but perhaps this is somthing we also need to look at. Corsican mint is a semi-evergreen plant, which in milder areas can keep it's leaves for winter, but in colder areas can be lost in winter. So it may just be that your mints have died back for winter or may have dried out a little. We would advise continuing to keep them nice and moist in a protected area over winter and they should come into leaf again in spring. If you have any problems with them and they do not re-leaf then let us know and we will happily replace them for you in the spring.

Best wishes, Groves Nurseries

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