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As much use as a chocolate teapot!!!

Had this 'conversation' with one of their 'customer service' reps:

[Name]: 11:59:59 Hi Dave, my name is [Name]. How can I help?

Dave: 12:01:13 Hi [Name], I'm waiting on order 8**************2 to be delivered. Apparently you were unable to on the 19th December and said you would attempt delivery again today, but I cannot see any tracking information to indicate it is out for delivery?

[Name]: 12:03:28 Hi Dave, please can you confirm the recipients name, and the first line of the delivery address for your parcel?

Dave: 12:03:44 Dave Anderson
12:04:00 T***** address******rt

[Name]: 12:05:32 Hi Dave, I’m just checking the system for you now, one moment please.

Dave: 12:19:40 You still there [Name]?
12:22:35 Hello?
12:27:00 You've now had twenty minutes of 'moment', are you doing anything at all or should I dazzle your managers with a transcript of your outstanding customer service?
12:30:22 Wow, this really is impressive!

[Name]: 12:34:25 Hi Dave, I apoloiose for the delay.

Dave: 12:35:25 Do we have any information now?
12:37:15 ?

[Name]: 12:37:28 Hi Dave, our system shows the nominated delivery date has been updated from 21-12-2012 to 31-12-2012, therefore yor parcel should be out for delvery today to be delivere by 7:00 PM.

Dave: 12:38:24 So I am expecting it today? That's all I was asking, as it isn't showing that information on the website.
[Name] left the conversation
Dave: 12:39:22 Bye then

Great service!

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