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Get a KLM check-in in New York!

Traveling with KLM is generally a pleasure - everything can be organized online and the service is efficient and courteous. In flight as well: friendly cabin crew and great entertainment - I saw 4 films, which made the time "fly" by.
But when I wanted to check in online in New York, that's when the problems began. I was diverted to Delta and they managed to screw everything up: my seat number that I had since Amsterdam was changed, they didn't list if I still had my special meal, it posted conflicting information about my flight - one that it was on time, the other that my flight was canceled - in short, the information on their site was very confusing, which meant I had to call Delta in New York (try getting a person on the phone nowadays!). I talked to someone who knew nothing and had to put me on hold three times to find out the most basic inormation (the call took at least 20 minutes!). Boarding at JFK, also handled by Delta, was chaotic! The PA system didn't work properly, so we couldn't hear the announcements. People were rushing the gate to get on the plane and blocked the passage to the other gates... A mess! So my suggestion is: get your own desks at JFK and drop Delta - it was the only 'bad' thing about my trip.

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