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Outstanding, the only health supplement advice I would trust for me and for my baby

I contacted this company at the point of despair after asking numerous other health supplement companies (including a well known high-street chain and several major supermarkets) which fish oils were safe to take during pregnancy and would deliver the required amounts. None of the others were able to give any proper answer, it ranged from the standard 'you should always discuss with your GP' through to 'can you give me a barcode for our own brand omega three as we don't recognise this product' - Would anyone trust them with the health of their unborn baby?????
By stark comparison, from Nature's Best I got a very detailed and informative response advising not only of the correct product and dosage, but also the reasons - including the need for distillation and removal of heavy metal residues, and the requirement for fish body oil, not fish liver oil due to the high levels of vitamin A in fish liver oil. They even sent me a sample so I could check it didn't repeat on me!

Thank-you so much Nature's Best!

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