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Name your own price is a scam!

We have been travelling for six months now and have used Priceline on many occasions. We have experienced everything that many others have complained about: you get the worst room in the hotel, often by the lift and vending machines, you are not able to specify what beds you would like and hidden charges for parking etc are not disclosed. Weighing everything up, we still thought it was worth taking a chance to help save on costs. However, the final straw was when we booked a hotel in Barcelona on name your own price. I bid $90 (plus tax, making a total of $107.86).
I then discovered the hotel we had been given only charged $73 (tax inc) for the same room !!
I contacted priceline and asked if they would be prepared to refund the difference but they aren't.
This makes me feel that name your own price is a complete scam! The whole point is to hopefully get a hotel at less than the published price as you are taking a chance on not knowing which hotel you will get. Priceline advertise that you can make savings of up to 60% on the published price with name your own price and I ended up paying 45% more! Goodness knows how many other times this has happened as we don't normally have reason to check.
I am not prepared to pay more than the going rate for a, normally substandard, room. For this reason I will not be using priceline again and would suggest that others use caution if using name your own price which clearly does not do what it claims to do.

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Do not bank with Santander!

Santander is the worst bank out there for customer service. I have had numerous problems over the years and they are absolutely apalling at dealing with any issues or helping to resolve problems. Recently I booked a flight for my daughter and the transaction was cancelled by Santander less than 24 hours before the flight left. My daughter was already at the airport. This transaction was successful when I booked the flight! I have had credit card transactions declined for no reason, especially whilst abroad, even though I've informed them where and when I'm travelling. Incorrect charges, pins not working, even correspondence sent to me with incorrect account details on. Their customer service is terrible. You do not get callbacks when promised and robots on the end of the phone if you can get to speak to someone. Multiple problems with their Internet banking with accounts disappearing for no reason. I have had large amounts deposited to my accounts which don't show up for days. I am absolutely sick of the stress caused by their incompetence and intend to remove all my accounts ASAP. GO TO FIRST DIRECT, THEY ARE EXCELLENT

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will never buy from a company who use Yodel to deliver

Absolutely appalling service. They completely let me down by losing my Christmas parcel, leaving me approximately 2 shopping days to replace it! Communication is IMPOSSIBLE and they seem to accept no responsibility whatsoever for fulfilling their obligation to deliver parcels. I have written a complaint and have not even received the courtesy of a response.
I would like to see a list of retailers who use Yodel to deliver their goods and these retailers should be avoided. One which I will avoid in the future is OFFICE (footwear)



great price, great service

very happy with products and despatch time. would definitely shop with webtogs again

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