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Most likely taking Ebuyer to court! Cos Incompetent, unprofessional fools!

Order No: 18947977
I am customer of Ebuyer for nearly thirteen years now, but soon will never be again.
On the 11th December 2012 I received a faulty product, which I understand is out of Ebuyers control, however, when I arranged with Ebuyer for a courier to come collect on the 14th December 2012, the courier did not arrive!
After waiting at home all day, unable to contact anyone (because as a business Ebuyer have decided not to have any customer service on the weekend) I had no other choice but to send an e-note.
Because Ebuyers rubbish team have not bothered to reply to my e-note (72 hours what is the point!), I have had to contact there team via the telephone at my expense!
All I got from the assistant was “we don’t know why, we apologize for that, would you like to rearrange for today”, in which I replied, “Yes if they are going to turn up”.
Monday 17th December 2012 the day agreed to rearrange for another pick up, but again no show, again a day wasted!
Tuesday 18th December 2012 a Parcel Force worker turns up, without prior arrangement and collects the item (with luck my fiancée was at home).
The next day Wednesday the 18th another parcel force worker turns up with two tickets in his hand asking for a package, in which I replied it is been taken yesterday! (parcel force is one big joke)!
After checking to see if Ebuyer had received the returned Laptop, I noticed that the replacement was not going to be delivered until the 27th of December!
Not only was this a disappointment of not receiving the item before Christmas day, but the length of time it takes this Ebuyer to send a replacement shows a complete lack of urgency.
If Ebuyer had any kind of decent customer service, they would have got this item out for Saturday! Instead, it's awful customer service said that parcel force only ran a limited service on the weekend!
27th December 2012, the day arranged for delivery.
Again no show from Parcel Force, again another day I could have worked.
31st December 2012, yet another day arranged for delivery.
Again no show from Parcel Force, again another day I could have worked.
Ebuyers poor customer service and shear ignorance of consumer rights astonishes me!
The content of your replies via Ebuyer E-note or Facebook has been nothing but apologies, and excuses stating that you do not compensate under the terms and conditions.
Unprofessionally they will not taken responsibility for delivery and just blamed parcel force and attempt to hide behind there terms and conditions.
As you all must agree this is simply unacceptable and since they have proven not to take me seriously, I have had to seek legal advice on this matter.
I have no idea where my order is?
It was agreed delivery would take place on the dates above, but so far delivery has not taken place. The delay has been undue and cannot reasonably be expected to continue indefinitely.

Well Ebuyer you are messing with the wrong guy!
I really look forward in seeing you pay out all these costs and even more so publishing the case.
To everyone else, do yourself a favor and use there competitors like Scan, Dabs, Amazon etc.. and with any hope Ebuyer will go bust!
If they have screwed you too, get legal advice, these guys don't have a clue.
I wonder if I too get a standard reply to this!

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02 January 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I would again like to offer our most sincere apologies for the problems you have had firstly with your collection and then with the delivery of the replacement item.

I have looked into your order from the order number provided on this review and can see this is now being dealt with by our complaints team.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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