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This is by far the worst company ever dealt with from there attitude to there customer service....its all equally just complete rubbish! Booked a holiday to Paris for my anniversary, all seemed fine but after printing out boarding passes I noticed it had the wrong airport. It was supposed to be flying from Birmingham but according to the boarding passes it was going from the midlands (which after research was derby airport!!). I live in Wales so this is literally on other side of country from me.....what a joke! I knew 100 percent certain that I hadn't made this error but of course customer services didn't want to know....i eventually spoke to manager after requested one (thou it took them 2 days for a manager to call me back....again unbelievable). After a lot of talk and manager getting back to me again he ever admitted that after they have had there tech team check what I had originally done that I had indeed selected to go from Birmingham!! So great, surely now its common sense they would sort out or pay the difference to rectify THERE ERROR.....think again! Even thou they fully admitted it was there error, they said that flights to paris were "no longer flying from birmingham airport" so they couldn't change it.....i then request them to atleast change it to a closer airport but they refuse to do anything!! Instead just get told that once a booking is made, the company who does the flights are paid and then its out of there hands......love to know how the heck that is my problem? Its just UNBELIEVABLE service all around....so in end I had to spend over 11 hours driving from wales to this airport and hundreds of pounds in cost to get there and back.....just to go on the holiday! It wasn't exactly the great way to start your anniversary.....I will therefore NEVER EVER use last minute.com and frankly they can go to hell!!



I ordered 6 shirts from this company over 2 months ago, received 2 of them FINALLY about 2 weeks ago and honestly the quality of the design was by far the most disgraceful quality I have ever seen in my life! First one, not only did it look like a 5 year old had done it but it was nothing like the design I originally did on there website! The 2nd shirt was a child size even thou it was supposed to be a an adults (couldn't even get into it), not that I would want to because again the design was frankly a piece of crap....it was that bad that it was completely blurry! UNBELIEVABLE!

I have literally binned both of the shirts cause they are that bad! I have since tried contacting company a stupid amount of times by email, phone etc but NEVER get any reply. If you look at the post of hotukdeal (when they originally did the free tshirt offer) it is full of complaints from everyone! There isn't only single happy customer and apparently the company has even shut there facebook down and aren't even at there premises any longer.......says it all!! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!
I have now put in claims for shirts I haven't got through paypal and claim rest back that I paid with my card through my bank, considering its not at all as described...I advise anyone else to do the same!

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