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Not-boring fashion made accessible. Reasonbly priced and overall cool.

Even Amazon and clothing retailers websites have been bland as all hell lately. Yet, YesStyle never disappoints. Dozens and dozens of labels from East Asia are made available only thanks to YesStyle's fantastic service.

Browsing through items is incredibly easy. Sort by price? Nevermind that, YesStyle has a Sort by discount and sliders for maximum and minimum price and discount so that you can find the ~best~ clothes, not just the ~cheapest~ clothes.

My only moan would be about their shipping process, which has them ordering clothes from the manufacturer's warehouse on-demand and then shipping them out to you. It probably makes the entire process much cheaper and increases the size of the catalogue tenfold, but it means that you may have to wait as long as two or three weeks before your package even ships. Of course, when it does, it is usually quick. If they were quicker on the package assembly, I would have no complaints.

I would encourage anyone with the desire for something sharper or brighter in their wardrobe to visit YesStyle.

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