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Would never go back

Very disappointed to turn up to make a choice between Canon 650D and the Nikon 5200 having done lots of research prior to arriving. The first assistant lacked enthusiasm and knowledge and took us to a PC where he did a 'comparison' between the models. We said we'd already done all that, we wanted to see how they worked/felt etc and make a live comparison.

We were told that we could look at and hold the Nikon, but as they hadn't been sent a display model they wouldn't allow us to turn it on or take pics with it. So we couldn't make any evaluation or comparison. Staff were unhelpful and inflexible ...they couldn't do anything about it, they said, because if they turned it on they would 'have to discount it'. We suggested it made better business sense to sell it at a discount or have one for future customers to try before they buy, but they couldn't see the sense in this. The manager who was just two feet away, was too busy tapping on her computer to help us or the staff member. It was a maddeningly bizarre and very frustrating experience.

So we left and spent £1850 at London Camera Exchange instead ...coming away from there with a range of lenses and accessories in addition. The LCE was a totally different experience... staff were knowledgeable, entusiastic and approachable, they let us try each camera, supplied a memory card to take shots with, even let us outside to take wideangle and distance shots. 5 stars to LCE, nil points to the very poor service at Wex

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