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useless, like they cant be bothered to do their job

Ordered some items from Sports direct and checked status online and it said it left the Exeter depot out on delivery at 8.30am which is only half a mile from my home,but from previous experience expected them to deliver later in the day as for some reason they leave the nearest til last for when they are at the end of the delivery:(.So waited all day and to make sure I didnt miss the delivery I stayed in my front room where the front door is and waited .I sat there watching tv facing the fron door from most of the morning and then from 2pm til 6.25 pm,was desperate for the loo but didnt want to go incase I missed the delivery man as I was here on my own,so thought I would check online again to see if they have added anything to the status and was surpried and annoyed to see that it read ,tried to deliver and no reply so had left a card and it said 6pm.Well thats total crap as I was sat here and no one came near the door or put any card in.I had the light on so they could see i was here .I was so angry with them so managed to find the phone number of the company and called Yodel and the lady who answered was no much helpful and said theyw ould deliver again on wednesday and when I asked about the card she said they dont put cards in homes that are flats ,its their policy,well why state a card was left on the status update,stupid rule as the post office leave cards to people in flats.I have my own front door with only one number so they can see its not multiple occupancy and the fact is no one came anyway.Guess cos it was new years eve the guy wanted to go home early and couldnt be bothered to deliver it ,no thought for me sitting wasting my time here waiting all day ,wasted a whole day.and now got to wait in again all day today.Is not on.This is not the first time they have messed me about.It puts me off ordering stuff from Sports direct because they use Yodel .I am sure other people will stop using companies that use Yodel .They should be more responsible and check out their delivery people and make sure they are doing their job properly.if they are not they should be dismiised.I am sure there are plenty of people who would be glad of a job and would be more reliable .Obviously it seems the people who work for Yodel dont care or have any respect for the company they work for ,maybe the company has no respect for them so thats why they dont bother.They know they can get away with sloppy service .

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