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STAY CLEAR! You'll love them until you need to speak to them and not just the order form.

Have used parcel Monkey a lot drawn in by their low prices and even turned my work onto them, but will be keeping away and never recommending again after I found they falsely advertise and won't refund when things go wrong.

I don't mind the company not having phone number as I understand they are trying to keep costs down, but online support has be to perfect. It isn't. While responses times are ok (about 4-5 hours average) but they are no use at all!;

I ordered the 'recommended' Parcel Monkey 1-2 day service which they then book through DX courier.
The parcel was picked up the following day fine but then it didn't turn up at the delivery address for 5 more days.
I complained as I had ordered the PM 1-2 day service expecting an apology and a refund, but what i got was ridiculous. 'Irianne' explained that the service was 'not guarenteed' and could take '5 days'. As the delivery took 5 days they would not refund me. I say, with supporting links, that this was not a 5 day service, but is advertised as a 1-2 day service. (
It doesn't say anywhere during the order process or on the service page (link above) that it may take longer. Surely a 1-2 day service is just that. A 5 day service should be called 5 day.
The service page specifically say says;

"This is a 48 hour collection and delivery service provided by DX where items can be collected next working day and delivered the following day (excludes weekends and bank holidays)."

added to which:
"Delivery would be attempted next working day after collection."

This was not the case as delivery wasn't attempted until the 2nd December.

Secondly this 'not guaranteed' status is not described anywhere on the site either. What does it mean? You can't sell a TV and send a banana and claim that it wasn't guaranteed so can't issue a refund!? And you especially can't do it if you haven't explained that when you buy the TV it may be exchanged for a banana. If that makes sense?

All Irianne says to my requests for proof of what she is claiming now is;


We apologise but DX is not a guaranteed service therefore 1- 2 business days is not guaranteed . It can run up to 5 business days to ship this parcel.



I always point her back to the service page that doesn't say any of what she is claiming, only that it is a 1-2 day service.

Very annoyed by this as I was recommending the company. You may love using them and their prices, but just wait until you need more than their order form and need a refund. Even when you prove you're right, she'll just repeat the same c**p that makes no sense.

I'll be trying Collect Plus from now on.

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Food rarely turns up on time.

I have used hungry house several times. It's very hit or miss with the takeaways on its books. Two have been fine and all went smoothly, the other two I ended up having to call and chase and was lied to both times telling me the food was on its way but it didn't turn up for another 30min - nearly two hours from ordering. Last night was a complete waste as we were all so ill in the night because it didn't turn up till 10pm, we ordered just before 8.30 and were told the food would be with us before 9.30 at the latest. This is unacceptable.

I will call up my favourite takeaways now (none of the ones on HH's books), so that food arrives within an hour at most and the customer care is better as its direct.

UPDATE----- Hungry House have kindly given me £10 for the inconveniences so for, so I will try them again one more time.

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10 January 2013

Reply from

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that it took so long for both of your takeaways to turn up. We work with our partner restaurants closely and ensure that they hold up to an excellent standard of service. We apologise that this standard was not met on both occasions.

Could you kindly provide us with the order numbers so we could look into this matter for you? You may send us an email at or call us on 0800 6123333.

Kind regards,
Your hungryhouse Team


Been nearly 2 months without payment. Incredibly rude on live chat and no contact on email.

It took a while for me to stomach using the service due to the low return on DVDs, but for the idea of the ease of use it actually isn't too bad of an option.

However the service is not as easy as it presents itself. I have sent of around 80 DVD's (for which I'm only receiving £23) and it's been over a month since they were sent. I have not received payment and I have sent an email to ask what is going on but have not had a reply. I have not received an email to let me know they have not received anything. The whole thing is a complete con and I will continue to chase and complain to Trading Standards.

UPDATE --- I have tried to contact via email and still received no reply. I have spoken with them on Live chat, and the adviser was incredibly rude and closed the chat session on me.
I would put a £100,000 bet on if you investigated the company, the warehouse workers are told not to register all the boxes in the hope they won't have to pay saying they didn't recieve them.

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