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What once was, will never be - eBuyer aren't as good as they think

Sorry to say after many years of buying and recommending eBuyer I had stopped, but only due to them changing couriers to YODEL (worst company period).
I had purchased a SSD from them last year which failed within a year of purchase, the item had a 3 year warranty on it, which wasn't honored by eBuyer, as the item was discontinued they offered me £22 less than it's original £66, which is totally wrong.
I then decided to contact the manufacturer to see what they could do, and they agreed to replace the item with a modern alternative (which I would of been happy with), but after contacting eBuyer to ask for it back, I found out that they have thrown it away (though I think returned it to the manufacturer).
To be honest I think they are almost as bad as YODEL their customer service is bad, and I mean bad.
Small claims is obviously the only way for me to deal with this, claiming for a FULL refund and my time spent dealing with this.

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06 June 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I am contacting you from Ebuyer UK LTD. I am sorry to hear that you have stopped recommending Ebuyer due to the change of courier. I can assure you that any issues we have with Yodel are taken up with then to find better ways of dealing with certain situations.

In regards to the refund, without your return number I am unable to specify the reason you have been credited less, however this is usually if the item is over 6 months old. This is worked out over the amount of use you have had from the item and this is in line with the Sale of Goods Act. If you would like me to double check this please contact me at

I apologise for any annoyance that has been caused by this.

Kind Regards
Resolution Team


Unbelievable - but not in a good way at all

Well, I have used these for work for about 3 years now, so decided to order some parts for myself for home, expecting the same service.
Oh boy was I in for a surprise.

Firstly I order a few days before Christmas (18th), next day delivery of £10 was not the issue, I wanted the parts soon I pay the price.
But after City-Link tried to deliver to someone else (on 3 occasions) and Misco, though promised it Christmas Eve, I am still waiting for the goods, and a response from both Misco's CS and Complaints department.

I am not holding on for a response and to be honest my money back, but at work I will never purchase from them again, which in turn they lose £1000's a year.

My opinion?
Stay clear, order from someone else, Aria, CCL, Novatech, eBuyer, Dabs or even Scan (who I don't like much as well, but they do delivery), at least that way, you'll get what you ask for,

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