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I wouldn't wish dealing with Parcel Force upon my worst enemy.

Sending bags home for Christmas holidays through another company that uses PF would seem relatively straight forward. Well, it ain't. Collection was booked for a certain day which no time indication was given, between 9-6 they said. Which somehow I missed despite being in all day. I will accept the fact that I missed the driver ringing my doorbell that time, fair enough. So I phone for a rebook of collection, after 15 mins on the phone, they say leave your number and I'll call back shortly. 1 hour later, I call back, a tad irritated but still ask again politely for a rebook of collection. I am told that they cannot find my tracking number and I get put on hold for 10 minutes listening to the jolly Xmas tunes they have in awful quality. I hang up, 10mins on hold? Yes I understand that it is Christmas, of course they are going to be busy, I feel for those in customer support, sounds like an awful job, but nonetheless you are getting paid to do it, so do it. I ring back, this time someone must have been upset that they were in over the Christmas rush, they were brief and impolite, to which I got put on hold again for about 8 mins. Well merry Xmas to you too. I hang up again, I refuse to wait any longer when calling off a mobile. So now the fuse is a little shorter, BP a little higher, Christmas spirit fading. Last time. I call. Give the relevant details as calmly and politely as possible, to be met with "your collection has been booked within the next 1 or 2 working days, bye." What?!?!? I ain't ringing again. I'll wait it out, one bag if clothes for the Xmas hols at home, 2 days before my flight, I'll wait. 2 days spent waiting around the house within earshot of the door. Not a zip. No ring, knock, card slip to say "I've been n gone mate but you weren't in merry Xmas." It's only £20, if its worth that much to you to dissatisfy your customers then you can just bloody keep it.

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