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I love my new Gtech AirRam. I hated vacuuming in the past – using either an upright or cylinder. Its now a breeze to vacuum - honestly a breeze - the unit almost seems to fly over hard floors and travels easy on carpets - yet is the most effective cleaner we have used - and we have had a string of Dysons (though to be honest not new ones as we kept using the old ones). I've not yet got used to the joy of using this machine. It is light, goes like a streak and is great if you have any sort of back problem or hate lifting heavy un-balanced machines. And it vacuums right up to the wall junctions and works as well and better than many other uprights. Plus we have three floors and now I no longer put off vacuuming – day after day. I just take out the AirRam and buzz around.

I researched this thoroughly online, along with the comparable Dyson and then hit the shops for more research (which for me meant John Lewis – Debenhams did not allow use of their display models). I thoroughly vacuumed the relevant area at John Lewis several times with different machines ( the staff at JL are good tempered!!) This is by far the best cordless. Before I started researching, I thought I would get another Dyson. Now after donkey’s years, its “bye bye Dyson” as far as I am concerned.

Only down side, is that it does not carry tools for crevices or stairs. Luckily, we have another machine to do that – although I do the stairs with the Air Ram, it means lifting it to each tread and I’ll probably stop doing that. Personally, I prefer that it does not come with other tools attached as that would make it more bulky, heavier, and less balanced. I speak from the constant experience of bit and pieces waving around and falling from the other you know which brand.

The battery lasts at least as long as they say. And there is an on/off switch for operation - so no tired trigger finger!

If I was looking for a present for a disabled person who was active enough to do their own cleaning - I'd give them this machine.

Thank you Gtech. I love to come across something that’s been so well thought out.

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