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DREADFUL - still no delivery after over a month

My parcel was resent and its original consignment number changed from 0875151174. Ordered 5th December - it failed to meet the original estimate of 15th December it was returned to the sender as our address "does not exist." To Google maps and sat nav it does. We also have a telephone and email, but no-one bothered to contact us. This was a Christmas present! It was sent out again and scheduled to arrive today. Again, nothing - no parcel, no phone call, no email, nothing. DPD tracking says it's in Barcelona, 800km away from here! (I have already sent my phone number to the email address, btw.)

Added 15th January 2013: ORDER NOW CANCELLED! I sent my phone number in response to Bobby's request (although this was already on the order details!). Nobody has bothered to telephone me, or even acknowledge my email. I kept checking the tracking and was horrified to see that it was updated yesterday with "We were unable to deliver your parcel." We were all in at the time, having dinner. No ring at the doorbell, no calling card in the mail box, no telephone call, no email (even after over 24 hours!) After nearly six weeks and a small fortune spent on the telephone trying to sort out their problem I decided enough is enough and cancelled the order with the supplier today (as I had paid for delivery to my door and they cannot fulfil their part of the contract.)


Added 16th January 2013: DPD tracking has been updated to show that the parcel was returned to the Amazon supplier BEFORE I cancelled the order, and without notifying me. DPD clearly had no intention of delivering it - ever.

04 January 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you experienced these issues. Can you please email with a contact phone number (as we do not seem to have one on file for you). I will ask a member of our customer service team to contact you to discuss this matter, and see what we can do to reverse your perception of us.

Your patience is much appreciated.

Kind regards,



UK to Southern Spain - Now consistently good

We regularly order electrical items and electronic components from Preston, Lancashire, and have done for over 5 years. Their service was mediocre up to about 2 years ago but now we receive our orders within 3 days. One order placed in December 2012 took UPS less than 48 hours from collection to delivery to our door (and we live in the mountains in Southern Spain). Our "local" UPS depot is nearly 150 miles away in Guarromán, in a neighbouring province but the drivers are always friendly and cheerful.

In contrast, another courier service has been unable to deliver a Christmas order placed on 5th December - a month ago - with no information available from either the supplier or courier.

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