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Pingo Phone Cards

Pingo is reliable, DOES Respond to problems and my faith in this company is renewed.

Pingo has worked well for us for a few months on three separante phone accounts and we have been really pleased with their calling system, ez-dial software and especially their rates and website. BUT recently, a charge showed up from them on our bank account which we "absolutely did not make". This charge was not credited to our Pingo account, it simply was charged to us and disappeared into their system. No problem, "Pingo is great", we thought.

Well, we made three calls to them to correct this and no relief, they denied it. So, I wrote a scathing review here and made a chargeback at the bank. Then, because my review appeared here where they monitor, upper management called me and helped me analyze the problem. Guess what? It was our fault! Our son's account had the wrong card attached to it and the charge came from my wife's card and showed up in another.
Anyway, it was OUR FAULT, like many (can't say if all) of these Pingo complaints here seem to be.
Thanks Pingo team for fixing this. I much prefer to admit we screwed up and renew my confidence in the best long distance provider we've ever had

03 January 2013

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Thanks for updating this review after we had a chance to fully investigate the situation together.

We try to maintain a 95% customer retention rate since launching Pingo 8+ years ago.

Thanks for your continued support!

- Pingo

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