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Kwik Fit

thieves and idiots

Took my car in for a brake check a few months ago. Got a phone call 2 hours later saying the cylinders had collapsed in on themselves and that they needed to be replaced. Was told the car could no longer be driven until the new cylinders were on. So I had no choice. Had to leave the car overnight as well as the job was taking them so long. Went in the next day and paid for the work and it cost me a small fortune. When I asked to see the cylinders, purely out of curiosity I was told they had been thrown away. 6 weeks later I took my car in for an mot at the same garage. Got a call a few hours later saying my car had failed on 4 things. Reg plate cracked in the front. Rear regards plate lights out. Side light out and my indicator stalk was faulty. Was also told that the main sump seal on the engine was worn and It was causing a big oil leak. The guy in the phone told me he had a mate why Had a spare and could get it cheap. All the work that needed to be done was quoted at just under £650. not having much choice I said yes. Got a phone call 30 minutes later saying that head office won't allow then to change the indicator stalk as its too close to the airbag. He told me I would have to take it to a specialist. Think hodge that happened. Took it to Peugeot and I booked it in to be replaced. Had to wait a week for the part to be ordered etc. When I took it in I got a phone call an hour later saying I needed to come in. The mechanic told me there was nothing wrong with the stalk and that the guys that said it was wrong were idiots. The fact that head office wouldn't let them near the indicator unit said all that needed to be said about the trust the company has in them.I had also replaced the reg plate and side lights. Logo at the reg lights. They were working fine. Took it back to kwik fit and got charged for the 're test because it left the garage. I had no choice but to leave the garage as they were not able to fix my car. So to this day my mot fixtures should have cost just shy of £650. In total it cost me £15 for the reg plate. £3 for the side bulb. Not counting the 're test which I passed once I told the mechanic that the stalk had been changed. And I still to this day haven't changed the sump seal. And my car uses less oil than my partners. Moral of the story. Kwik fit want a kwik profit and they don't care about customers. They are simply thieves.

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