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Strange company - but for custom work quality isn't there.

This is a strange company to deal with - I have never gotten a order correct yet. If I'm ordering something off the shelf they send either the wrong size or something else is goofy. They always get it right in the end, but it always takes several tries. Custom orders are even worse. I recently ordered 8 items as samples for a new company and they got 4 out of the eight wrong. I also had five contacts with there customer support team all of which were a start over completely type of call not only that but each one gave me completely different answers of what they would do. Three of these people even argued over the spelling of my own companies name even though half the products were right??? Finally spoke to a supervisor? and they said they would reprint and resend everything that was wrong. Still got calls for two more days from people wanting to help me again with totally wrong answers and no historic information.

Bottom line if you have a lot of time and are not picky about quality and are willing to use or sell poorly printed and crookedly applied logo's they have good prices. If you want to keep your own customers find a local printer and pay a little more. I could not sell or even give away 6 out of 8 items they didn't want them back so I'll use 2 for myself to work in the studio, and the other's well let's just say I now have studio rags with my custom logo!

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