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PC Specialist Ltd

Absolutley shocking customer service, dont want to know when things go wrong and blame you!

I purchased a very powerful (and expensive) laptop from PC Specialist, order no 414181.

The laptop cost me £900 with Microsoft office and at the time (Sep 11) was an all signing and dancing i7 with a very powerful graphics card
which I had bought to play flight sim whilst working away from home and staying in hotels.

PC Specialist were very helpful and supportive whilst I was making my choice and continued to do this right up to the point where something went wrong.

After 7 months, the HDMI port on my laptop became loose and finally stopped working at which point I contacted them.

Being an ex-IBM systems engineer I knew exactly what was wrong with the HDMI port as I had seen similar cases like this before.

I e-mailed PC Specialist and advised that the main board on the laptop would need to be replaced due to (whats know in the business) a Friday machine
having a poorly secured component and/or poorly soldered.

I received a quick response with one line saying that this would be classed as customer induced damage and that I would have to pay £226 to have the Motherboard replaced.

As you can imagine I was not impressed. I called the company and asked them to explain them to me how anyone can state that something had been damaged by the customer
over the phone without even first of all INSPECTING IT!!!

I spoke to one of their senior guys who agreed that the e-mail was un-professional and asked me to bring the laptop in.

I took the laptop to them along with my company provided Lenovo e530 laptop which also has a HDMI port fitted to it.

They inspected it and came back to me and said we think it must have been damaged by misuse.

I then presented my Lenovo laptop (which incidentally costs about 2/3 the price of their machine and stated that this Lenovo laptop gets absolutely hammered on the HDMI
port as I am constantly using it for presentations and plugging into TV’s at home and office etc.

The Lenovo was 1 month older than the PC Specialist Optimus Laptop and showed no signs of any issue and even now continues to work perfectly.

This is where I demonstrated to them the difference in quality between there "Snap together and cheap" laptop, which was obviously made with inferior parts.

They offered to send it to there supplier and get an assessment and that if they said it could be replaced free they would otherwise they would re-solder the 4 pins that had come away from the main board
and if it failed again then it would be "tough".

I accepted that they needed to send it to the supplier and after a couple of weeks I received an e-mail from [name] (There head guy) and he stated that the supplier agreed
with them that the damage had been customer induced.

I sent 3 formal letters, the first politely stating my rights and reminding them of the sales of goods act and fit and proper use and last a reasonable amount of time.

At every point I was rejected stating that they were adament that this was customer damage and they had seen this sympton before on this particular board.

Does that not say that this could possibly be a fault with this type of board then?

To cut a long story short, after involving trading standards and sending upteen letters I received nothing except a big FU.

Do not have any dealings with this company as they are just there to deceive you like they did me and apparently other people who have bought this particular laptop from them.

This is not a hate mail, this is FACT and PC Specialist can come and get me for defamation as I have not splintered from the truth.

08 January 2013

Reply from PC Specialist

Dear Sir,

Sadly ports do not just snap completely free from the main board of a laptop after seven months for no reason.

The port is not exposed in any way shape or form and this can only have happened by impact, this was also confirmed by the independent company that the manufacturers of the mainboard use when it was also sent to them for independent inspection (Golden Star Technologies)

Sadly it does not say that there is a fault with this type of board as you are the only person, in the entire life of us stocking this laptop that this happened to.

While we do try and offer the best service possible at all times we will not cover damage which has happened at the hands of the end user.

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