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SCAM Don't go there!!!

UNFORTUNATELY I have to give a star???this outfit doesn't warrant one

I was trying to find PL games and an ad for this site popped up. it stated no obligation, free. They just needed debit/credit card detail for ID purposes only...there would be no charge to it.
WRONG......they send an email saying if you don't cancel within 5 DAYS they will take a monthly subscription....
I don't even watch movies and from what I can see the stuff available on the site I'd dated and available elsewhere.



Cannot be trusted

Incredible pattern of reviews for optical Express

270 positive reviews in 2 days I cannot be a normal pattern of activity

Optical Express

Unscrupulous,Uncaring,Money Grabbing...more suited to selling Double Glazing than Eye Surgery

I rue the day I ever walked into the Chester branch of Optical Express.
I naively thought that the staff would undoubtedly be acting with integrity and with my best interest at heart and I had absolutely no reason not to trust them at this point..WRONG!!
I fell for the 'hard sell' the guarantees and promises and the time limited finance offer...big mistake
I had a pre-existing eye condition which I was told would not be a problem....but I know now that this was totally untrue...but hindsight is a wonderful thing!
It's now 5 years post surgery and I still I suffer constant discomfort and visual problems my life has been turned upside down and Opticl Express could not care any less.
Aftercare was abysmal, bordering on non existent. Was diagnosed, by a senior OE surgeon, as having a painful and frightening eye condition requiring treatment. I was prescribed medication but made to wait 12 months for it despite several reminders.
On a separate occasion the person who's replies on this forum show an apparent desire to assist, made me wait sevferal months for medication, again despite reminders.
This suggests that the concerned OE response appearing on this site is for show only, because from my experiences and that of many many others, once OE have your money, perform your surgery then they will wash their hands of you if you have persistent problems. Lifetime aftercare...a load of bull!!!

A word of warning....although OE are duty bound to give patients all the necessary and essential information to enable the patient to make an informed decision about their surgery...don't rely on this and do your own research. In my experience, I am paying the price for booking surgery when I did not receive that essential information and I truly believe that this essential information was intentionally withheld.
I have only just found out that I was given a highly toxic and unlicensed drug called Mitomycin C. This was instilled into my eyes without my knowledge or consent. I am living with the uncertainty of the long term consequences of this. I should have been given the choice but was not.

There are many many many more patients who have suffered long term problems following eye surgery with Optical Express and if you Google Optical Express reviews you will come across a forum where you can find out a lot more(essential input into your decision making process) beyond what you find on the OE website.

Many more people are coming forward, DAILY with problems and the issues surrounding laser eye surgery with companies like optical express is about to gain massive publicity very soon.....please pay attention to what is being reported.

Follow up : I have recently been told by an independent surgeon that the Optical Express surgeon put incorrect parameters into the laser before my second (LASEK) surgery ( first surgery LASIK was a failure by the same surgeon). No one at Optical Express has owned up to this in nearly 5 years ; they have strung me along letting me believe that all my visual problems are down to dry eyes. Why would they want to hide this? I have since requested data re this surgeon's success/failure rates but my request has been declined for the reason that it is 'third party personal' data! Make your own mind up....but would you want to entrust your eyesight to a company who takes this approach. a reputable company would gladly share this information within its patients.
As of this date 13 October 2013, the above mentioned surgeon is under investigation by the GMC.

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I'm currently campaigning for regulation of the laser eye surgery 'industry' which at present gives the high street providers Carte Blanche to so as they please.
I had Laser Eye Surgery (two procedures LASIK and Lasek) and am still left with major problems nearly 6 years post surgery. I am sitting here writing this and am really struggling to read what I have written. I had a well paid accountancy career for 30 years but could not even contemplate working with figures for any length of time any more.
Optical Express' aftercare has been abysmal and I have evidence that they have been devious in trying to cover their errors and bad practice.
This company must be stopped in its tracks before it ruins more and more people's eyesight.