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Have faith in a growing system

My first experience with Linnworks (LW) was that it was not able to easily implement our chosen shopping system. We use Interspire (4 channels) and the API available has been quite limiting. It cannot import a great deal of product information, just the sale price, title and SKU of an item. Most of the SQL had to be rewritten to import tracking numbers, product variations and such correctly and this took a good month or so to be close to completion. The support during this time was very good and as we pay for the highest level of service we were high priority.

We then moved on to integrating our other channels (multiple Amazon, eBay and Magento). The one I'm going to pick out is Magento. This was much quicker to implement and I thought I would much prefer it to Interspire. However after a couple of hours all I could think to myself was how horrible it is that I cannot change the config via SQL or other means to make it do what I want it to. Customisation has felt like a very key point and in this situation it had to be done inside invoice/email templates instead of during the configuration of integration.

After integration was complete I only seem to be able to get hold of junior support where it takes me a while to convince them I understand the problem I'm having and such simple solutions as rebooting my system is not a working fix. Sometimes I feel like I know the system better than the support (although I probably do after using it nearly every day for 8 months). Again I should mention that the senior support have been very useful and knowledgeable.

The mobile 'application' has been quite useless for us and doesn't really deserve much of a mention.

The lack of customisation in some parts does hurt when we want to use the system in ways that suit us best but as it is not bespoke software we cannot complain too much.

I find the best thing about this system is being able to query the database in different ways inside macros and order automation. The only downside is that it is SQL Server and not MySQL. This has given me massive problems when trying to query data to use on our own (linux) server without making use of the limited API.

I have not had a great deal of use out of LinnLive yet so I will not comment.

I have faith that the system will continue to get better and better as it grows.

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