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Great price and fast delivery - what more can you want?

After searching the internet I cam across this site and was impressed with the price. I was even more impressed when the item was delivered 2 days later!
I highly recommend BuyBrandTools!


Cocky and arrogant = no sale

Poor attitude on the telephone, and an even cockier one in the shop.
What is the point of a web site which a. does not show their stock and b. has a line at the bottom of each page stating that "We might not be able to supply this advertised product at the stated price"

So basically you get what is in their showroom (actually, for showroom read "outside"). Add that to the arrogance and cockiness of the person I spoke to and the result is that another shop will get my £600.


There really is only one option - report to Action Fraud

UPDATE 7 January 2013
I sent the following email to - I strongly urge everyone else (and any new person with a grievance) to to the same.

Dear Sir
I would like to bring to your attention an Internet Trading Company called Swisstool which allegedly operates from an address in Southampton.

I, and many others (please look at this site for further references - ) have placed orders with this company via their website. The money was deducted immediately from my bank account, but the delivery of the goods has not happened.

The Swisstool website does not publish any telephone numbers or email addresses, and the automated “contact us” system does not produce any responses.

The address that is given on the site is:
349-353 Shirley Road
SO15 3JD

I have contacted their supplier (Burton-McCall ) and received this telephone number – 02380 528257 but it is never answered. I have left messages.
I have discovered through checking Companies House that the Director is a Mr Hamid Moosavi with (allegedly) a mobile telephone of 07966 137310 – this is also never answered.

I have opened a Fraud Report online:
National Crime Reference Number: NFRC130100122872
Password: ********

I am currently awaiting a call back from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, and I about to send a letter to the Swisstool address given above.

I would be grateful to know what, in circumstances such as these, the Trading Standards body can do to:
1. Ensure that companies who behave in this manner are brought to task
2. Ensure that the citizens of the UK are not subject to these kinds of apparent fraudulent dealings.

Your faithfully

Won't bore with details - same as everyone else.
Waited a month and today, courtesy of the kind person who left the telephone number (below) for Action Fraud, I found the Action Fraud web site ( and completed a report.

I doubt if I will ever see my goods or my money - so if you are reviewing prior to buying THEN DON'T BUY.
If, like me, you have arrived at this site because you have already been "had" - then I'm afraid you need to be prepared to write off whatever you spent, and go and buy elsewhere if you can afford.

EVERYONE - please please PLEASE create an Action Fraud report. The more who do so, the more likelihood there is of these criminals being caught.

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