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Best customer Service

I had an argument about an offer they had (possibly I was not right but the offer like they meant it was funny). And they accepted to send me another single lens.
Fast delivery.
Best foreign online shop I have used after amazon.


Discounts because of no availability?

I made the order the 22/11
They were answering pretty fast but answers from people they did not have a clue about what was going on.
Until the last day (35 days later) before they refund my money they were asking me to wait for another 2 weeks saying that the parcel has left but has delayed.. It was almost funny to receive two emails almost at the same time at Paypal and their website, one saying I have to wait and the parcel has left their post office and the second that they will refund my money.
I have made purchases from Asia before, I know the problems and the delays, but I cannot accept clueless or on purpose lying customer care.
I feel lucky that at least they refund my money after 40 days..
Never again.. and almost ruined my experience for all Asian sites.

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