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What a shame.. I actually like them, at first..

I was looking for Battlefield 4 and previous good experience with CJS brought me back to their site. I saw that they were providing the game with three different language-options and that the Russian/Polish version of the game was quite cheaper than the other versions.

Before I purchased a copy of the game, I made a search on Google on "how to make the language from Russian/Polish into English in Battlefield 4" and the very first result was a direct link to CJS' tutorial page: http://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/pages/How-to-change-Battlefield-4-Russian-or-Polish-into-English-%252d-language-pack-with-tutorial.html

This was BEFORE they added the red text in top that points out that the tutorial doesn't work. They added that information to the tutorial because I found out the hard way that it didn't work and made them aware that their information was incorrect. I have screenshots to prove that.

I wrote to the customersupport that the tutorial was incorrect, as I couldn't get the language set to English, it simply starts the game in Russian as that is the language that I was able to install the game in.

They wrote back, that they would look into it and that I could try to run the game in "admin mode".

That did not do the trick and I started finding more information about the issue across the Internet. One specific topic got to my attention, from EA Customer Support. A lot of buyers (the topic had about 700 replies) have had the exact same problem as me, having a Russian version of the game that they would like to be English. EA Customer Support did respond to some of the customers, telling them, that Origin automatically compares they CD-Key with the installed language vice versa and that the 'fix' that worked in Battlefield 3 do not work with Battlefield 4.

I gave this information to CJS and they told me the following: "Please contact EA and request that they change the key for you to an English version. The version you purchased as per the website details is RU. The language fix is not really a guarantee, normally people who buy RU are happy with RU."

So I requested an English version of the game, like their tutorial clearly guaranteed with sentenses like the following examples (I have marked the keywords/sentenses with underscore ( _ ) before and after the word/sentense):

"Once you have completed this tutorial (takes about 10 minutes), your game _will_ function in English, and _everything will function exactly the same as an EU copy_ of the game."

"This tutorial simply involves placing the english language files into your installation directory. _It's completely legal._"

"Once you've activated the code, press 'install' or 'preload'. Origin will prompt you to select a language. At this point, only russian will be available. _Don't worry!_ Just press 'Accept' to start downloading the game. We'll install the english language pack a little later."

"All done! Enjoy Battlefield 4 in English!

_You can buy a Battlefield 4 Russian CD Key for use with this tutorial at a really discounted rate HERE._"

They refuse to answer my requests for a refund/new key. I have even offered to pay the difference from the RU/PL version to the price of the EU version.


Hurtigt, nemt, billigt

Købte en Mists of Pandaria nøgle til World of Warcraft til 100 kroner mindre end Blizzard selv mente de skulle have for den. Fik den leveret indenfor 10 minutter og var klar til at spille. Tak for hurtig levering og god pris.

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