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Chocolate Now!

Simply the finest chocolates we have ever tasted in our 60 years !!!

These are fantastic Belgian chocolates of the highest calibre and taste. They are absolutely sumptuous. We are chocaholics from way back-----we've tried every brand and national make of chocolate, including Swiss and Belgian ( and the under-rated French), both here and in the their countries of origin. have a modest website and poor advertising facilities when they should be shouting their wares from the rooftop with far more advertising, a far better website, more coverage in Europe and America and a much more "professional" approach to their whole sales' agenda. Having worked in advertising and marketing for my whole career before retirement, I would love to have had choc-now's account to handle. Also, a good IT company should improve their website and also widen its availability outside the UK.
Everyone who appreciates chocolates MUST try these chocolates ! I think choc-now should offer a free trial offer of a small package of 2 single chocolates of buyers' choice if the buyer also buys a box ----with the 2 chocs sent out free in advance, and then allow the customer to cancel the box if they do so within 7 working days of the 2 free chocs being dispatched. In fact these chocolates are so outstanding that they have given me so many ideas for improving sales ( and customers' sheer delight) since my wife and I ate a box of 50 over the Xmas period ( and WE were able to choose the flavours online ourselves !).
This company and their chocolates deserve some sort of award as the best chocolates ever sold in the UK.

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