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Disappointing initially - but DX took corrective measures

I urgently needed a Passport to be renewed.

I travelled over to the office in Liverpool - a very impressive, well-organised experience. The officer told me that there would be a delay in receiving the passport, owing to the Christmas break. Delivery would be 9 or 10 days, not the anticipated or normal 7 days. No problem for me; I eat what I am given.

However, in the event, DX attempted to deliver 7 days later. I was not in - and a card was left. Moreover, two text messages were sent, telling me that delivery had been unsuccessful.

Now, here's the thing. A couple of weeks earlier, TNT were able to deliver expensive equipment by texting and phoning IN ADVANCE on the day - to make sure I was in. Why couldn't DX, instead of heavily bolting and padlocking the stable door afterwards?

I attempted redelivery for the following day, using the online system. But no, Saturday redeliveries cannot be made. So what about Monday? I booked Monday and stayed in all day. No delivery.

But delivery was attempted on the Wednesday after New Tear's Day - unsuccessfully, because I wasn't expecting a delivery. But two text messages were sent afterward.

When I attempted to rebook, the computer politely told me that my delivery for tomorrow had been attempted unsuccessfully. (A case of bolting the stable door BEFORE the horse is even in the stable). So I rebooked for today, Friday. I am waiting in hope. The passport is needed to enable me to fulfil an overseas employment contract. No passport today = risk to my ability to take up the contract.

Although the DX homepage is full of warming, congratulatory messages from happy customers (and, indeed, a government minister), there is another side to be stated;

1). Why is it not possible for DX to text or phone in advance?
2). Is the computer bug advising of a failed FUTURE delivery a fruit of switching from 2012 to 2013?
3). Why offer rebooking on a Friday for the next day when you cannot meet the demand?


Within a short while of posting this review, DX made contact with me to try to resolve the situation.

After an exchange of emails and a phone call, I was assured that the passport would arrive by 5.00pm and that the courier would contact me by phone on arrival.

The passport did indeed arrive by 5.00pm (with minutes to spare) and the courier contacted me by phone. I had had to wait in all day - but that's not a problem for me. Someone has to be first - which means someone has to be last.

Hopefully, the couriers might be encouraged to make better use of handheld technology to keep the customer abreast.

Full marks to DX for sorting the problem out swiftly. It was imperative for me to receive the passport (which is why I had chosen a FASTTRACK delivery, rather than the standard delivery). In the event, I don't know that I gained much my using FASTTRACK.

I am uprating the stars from 2 to 3 in recognition of the corrective measures DX took.

Thanks to TRUSTPILOT. Without this facility, I am not sure where things would be today.

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