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Ordered T-Shirt. Got T-Shirt

Came in good time, reasonable quality, no complaints


Good until you give them money, then utter rubbish.

I was using their free offering to backup PCs in my house to a server. Worked great. I then decided that for security and to support the product, I should sign up for some online storage with them.


Total waste of money. Their service is dire (so slow, it doesn't work) and their customer support is even worse - takes ages to get any kind of action when a problem occurs, and in my last case - slow synchronisation - it will have finished by itself (after 4 weeks) before customer support actually get off their arses and try and fix it.

Overclockers UK

don't always get it right

I have bought 3 systems from OCUK now over the past 5 years and numerous parts.

The first system I bought in 2008 (OC517005) an Ultima 8800 QUAD SLI had to go back twice (RMA138451) because it just did not work out of the box, twice. In the end they decided the motherboard was not up to the job and switched it for a different one. This I find surprising because they are supposed to have tested these configurations. I also think there is sometime too much focus on getting a new system out of the door, and not enough making sure it works before sending it out. 5 months later the PSU blew and it had to be returned again (RMA15061). Despite the problems it had in the first few months, that box is still running happily to this day.

I replaced that system 3 years later (2011) with a new one (OC1230632) an Ultima Tyrannosaur. Thankfully it didn't have to go back this time, however it was not without its problems. There were some issue with the over clocking bundle and I had to call technical support for some assistance getting it reset. But the underlying problem remained. Apparently with the motherboard in use, if you reboot the system using the reset switch, it won't boot, it goes into a loop booting, rebooting at POST and will eventually reset bios to defaults, then it will actually boot. It did this consistently. The advice from OCUK was to power off and on instead of using the reset switch. Rebooting from windows was fine. When I forgot and used the reset switch, after the BIOS reset, I would need to restore the OCUK profile.

USB seemed flakey on this system from the outset, with my iPhone unable to be upgraded by iTunes, it would always fail and brick the phone, requiring that I restore the phone on a MAC I had. The cause of this was never determined.

The system throughout the first year would often blue screen over night. This remained a problem throughout the entire year. It was only after much research into the cause of the blue screens myself that I was able to determine it was likely the SSD was failing.

13 months in, my SSD drive gave up completely. OCUK provided me with an RMA (RMA222443), said they would test it, and if they deemed it faulty would replace it. Fair enough. I declined the offer and simply purchased a new (and bigger) SSD from scan which is very local to me, so I could get my system backup and running ASAP.

(side note: 64GB SSD is too small for a windows 7 system)

After everything was re-installed, USB works fine now, so will never find out what was wrong there. The system is still running OK, the top fan has started to become slightly noisy though, but not enough to want to do anything about it. The system is 20 months old now.

I purchased a third system from them (OC1477298) a Titan 8700i Pulse (with BitFenix Shinobi USB3.0 Gaming Case - White/Black) - a budget (ish) second system for my neices bedroom. This one arrived and has been prefect since day 1. I can honestly say it hasn't experience a single problem (that wasn't caused by its user clicking on links they shouldn't) and it looks good too in her black and white colour schemed bedroom.

I have also bought monitors and 3d glasses and a fan (for my XBMC box) from OCUK. Only the 3D glasses were a disappointment (not OCUKs fault) - waste of money they were.

I hate their webnote system for contacting support they make you go back to the webnote system to do replies and you have to manually copy any history you want to refer to by copying it out of the email. Get a decent support ticket system like rightnow or something.

I continue to shop with OCUK. Though I have not always been happy with the reliability of the systems they have provided.

Room for improvement.

Update Jan 9, 2013

Well, I have just downgraded my rating. OCUK contacted me to offer me a good will gesture. However, they have utterly failed in this respect because the stuff they are sending out as good will gestures, doesn't bloody work. And when queried, I am expected to do all the legwork to put it right.

Pathetic, and total fail. Loose a star.

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