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the best company one can ever expect when funds transfer is concerned

TransferWise boasts the highest exchange rate, fastest speed of transfer and no hidden fees whatsoever. Their exchange rate is exactly the same as Yahoo Finance shows, much higher than any bank. Furthermore, they don't seem to use an intermediary bank and hence no extra charges. They tell you how much money they have sent for you and the recipient will receive the exact amount, not a penny less. It is such a shame that I did not know this company until I transferred some $140000 through my bank, Had I known TransferWise earlier, I would have saved at least $4500! Besides, they are very responsible and patient regardless of the amount is involved. Once I was sending just 100 pounds and there was some technical problems so that the payment did not go through. Their staff members wrote to me for two or three times until the problem was solved even though the amount involved was only 100 quid. This is really remarkable.

The only shortcoming, as I see it, is that TranserWise asks customers to make payments by themselves.. If TransferWise can take the payments directly from customers accounts as HiFX (also a good company, though not as good as TranserWise) does, it would be very more convenient for the customers.

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