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Bad experience

I upgraded to premium in July 2012. I quickly realized that there ecommerce package was not going to be what I needed so I canceled and developed my site on Wordpress. I almost never check my bank statements because I don't use automatic payments and deal mostly in cash. I just happened to check my bank account last night (Jan 3 2012) and noticed a charge that I did not recognize. After some investigation I realized that these were Wix charges. The supervisor refused to credit my card the full 6 months, but did credit January. I understand that there are people in this world that will try and cheat and they have no way of knowing that I am not one of those people. I asked them to check their member log in logs and they could see that I had not logged in since July. Nope, wouldn't do it. I asked them to view my website that is on Wordpress (the same domain that was upgraded to premium) to prove that I am, and haven't been, using their service. Nope, didn't matter. I asked them why they don't implement consumer protection by simple sending an auto email each month when a card is charged. The agent said they did. But, they absolutely do not. Not one email was received regarding charges, nor was an email received when they increased the charge from 15.90 to 19.90. I understand that this practice is used by other companies. It's goal? MONEY. They count on people like me that don't pay attention to their bank account. Totally my fault but you would think that they would care about their reputation. If you decide to use Wix, and later cancel be SURE to watch your bank statements for a few months. Oh and, forget about using Wix for an ecommerce site. Wordpress is the only way to go!

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