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Mazuma Mobile

Totally trustworthy

I had the misfortune to originally send my iphone4 to MoneyforYourPhone, who tried to rip me off by claiming there were lots of scratches to the back of the phone and reducing the price by £54, to only £78. They are obviously con artists as I then sent by phone to Mazuma. They paid the original offer price of £100, no claims of scratches! They were super efficient, excellent communication and the money was paid direct into my account 24 hours after they received my phone. Would definitely recommend.

Money For Your Phone

Complete Rip Off

Sent my apple iphone 4 to them for £130, they claimed there were "lots of scratches on the back" (not sure how as my phone always had a cover), so suddenly the offer price of £130 was reduced to £78! Not quite sure why a few scratches would reduce a phone's value by £54!! Unbelievable. They then had the cheek to expect me to pay £6 return postage in addition to the £7 postage I had to pay to send the phone. I would be very interested to know how many phones they actually pay the advertised price for.
Use at your peril.

I have since sent my iphone4 to Mazuma Mobile - they paid up fully the price advertised on the website of £100. No claims that there were scratches to the back of the phone that would justify a deduction in the price. I think that says it all.

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Servicing Stop Ltd

Full Service with lots of EXTAS on top - DO NOT USE

Do NOT use Servicing Stop, they are no cheaper than a main dealer and you will simply be charged for lots of extras.
I paid for £195 for a full service on my 40,000 Audi A3. I was then told I needed a "special low ash oil - extra £20 and then £55 for a new polten filter." So my full service suddenly went from £195 to £295.
When I spoke to Audi they told me changing the pollen filter was a standard requirement on an 40,000 service.

Audi would have done the service for £300 so I saved £5 and now I wonder if they have damaged my car......

They could have been honest and told me upfront.............

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Superb customer services

Ordered my boots on Monday (with a discount code & free delivery, great) and they arrived on Tuesday in perfect condition.

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