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Terrifying Easybus Service

We booked the Easybus from Gatwich Airport to West Brompton on 28/12/12, supposed to arrive at 18.10. We embarked on an Easybus 1 ½ hour later. It was not our bus – our bus never arrived. We were there waiting for such a long time along with many more passengers waiting for their own Easybus. At least two more bus services, prior ours, never showed up. A few Eaybuses, arrived in the meantime, did not pick us or any other waiting passengers like us (except for few that had been waiting for even more). Instead, the drivers arriving were picking up the passengers who had booked their, after ours, service. On the one hand, these passengers have the right to embark on their Easybus, yet, what kind of policy is that to let outside passengers waiting for so long because of Easybus’ responsibility? It has to be mentioned here that Easybus Company has replaced its older buses to new – significantly smaller – ones, aiming, apparently, to improve its service’s quality by limiting seat availability and luggage space. Additionally, drivers did not seem to be friendly or customer oriented and they did not seem able to provide any information regarding the ongoing mess and they do not seem to fully comprehend the English language: We were explaining to one driver that our bus never showed up and that we had been waiting for over an hour and he kept on telling us that it was not his fault that our flight was delayed!! We paid GDP 8.00 for receiving a service in complete disagreement to its online specifications. Again, on 02/01/13 we had booked an Easybus from Earls Court/ West Brompton to Gatwick South Terminal, supposed to arrive at 13.25. In the meantime, two more bus services were supposed, according to schedules presented online, to arrive. For as long as we were waiting there – approximately ½ hour – no Easybus showed up. The number of passengers was growing continuously, apart from the passengers that had been already waiting at the stop for an earlier service. When it became apparent that even if a bus arrived, it would not be able to pick all these people – a 16-seat bus for more than 32 people waiting?, not to mention that we did not know whether the Easybus that would arrive would be our 13.25 service or another one, we left in order to manage to catch our flight. We picked from Victoria a train to Gatwick airport paying GDP 30.00, beyond the fare we had paid to Easybus for a service we never received. We underwent psychological, physical and economic trouble due to Easybus’ completely unacceptable and unreliable service. Please, avoid Easybus at all costs as their service is completely differently, and cheatingly, described online. The online fares are indeed luring, yet, they correspond to a horrifying service. Easybus seems to struggle for cost cutting. It found the best way indeed to cut costs and simultaneously, to increase revenues – by charging people for non – existent or poorly provided services. Easybus manages, by omitting services, to save on fuel, driver payments and vehicle damage. Do not attempt to contact them. No office exists at Gatwick airport anymore and phone calls result in listening to recorded messages.

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