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I'll keep it simple.

Bought an "In stock" Microphone on the 21st December, and ValueBasket took the money from my account.
On the 23rd the order changed to "Being Made Ready".
15 Days after ordering it has not been shipped yet.
Customer call line is a waste of time as nobody is there, they are "closed" or you are told "incorrect number".

Two emails from the company have promises of delivery soon, or free expedited delivery. Still no microphone.

To sum up, DO NOT BUT FROM VALUEBASKET, They take your money and as far as I can tell, that's all they do, no product, no happy customer.

If they do not get in touch in the next 48 hours with either my microphone or my money they will be reported appropriate trading commissions and fraud teams, including my bank.

Oh, its probably worthwhile to point out that all the 5 star reviews are most likely fictitious. Writen by valuebasket themselves to keep the rating above one star. Just an observation, but they all seem to have "Review by confirmed purchaser" At the top. Are the people who paid for products and had their money stolen not confirmed purchasers? SCAM DIDDLY SCAM SCAM SCAM

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