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Not a trust-worthy business. Don't use Pay Pal

Recently, I bought something from a vendor on Paypal. Later, when I bought something again, I realized there was a box called "Bill Me Later" that was automatically checked, and I had to un-check it. Well, Bill Me Later is a credit account with a 20% interest rate and hefty fines. I did not realize this for several months because nothing in the emails indicates that you have a balance. I figured this out too late because I had accrued over $100 in late fees ($37.00/month is pretty steep). Now, I'm a person who uses credit very discriminately, so I'm very upset that I was duped into a credit account unknowingly. I need to have faith and trust in a business that handles money, so I cancelled my account immediately. Pay Pal, you really disappointed me. I was a customer for almost two years.

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