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What you see is what you get and PRONTO!

Love the accuracy of clothing descriptions, the accurate sizing, the easy online and also telephone ordering and the fast efficient service, love too the packaging, makes it feel like you are receiving a present!
Well done all at VERY !!!


Wonderful service

Received my order extremely quickly, beautifully packed and wrapped internally, great product and can't wait to fit my new taps. Well done.

Victoria Plumb


I ordered the cubic toilet roll holder and matching towel holder for my cloakroom. Both arrived very promptly and are of outstanding quality for the money. So happy with my purchases. The extension pieces where you actually place the toilet roll and the towel are also square shaped which add to the luxury (rather than being 'cylindrical'), also the items are of a substantial weight and by no means flimsy. Thoroughly recommend and I will be placing further orders for my bathroom and en suite. Well done VP.

Diet Chef

After sales needs some work...

I opted for diet chef, having recently returned from living inAustralia where they have a similar system which includes fresh fruit and vegetables (so no need to food shop at all, I had not tried their service but had seen a friend's order).
I ordered Dietchef on 26/12,I chose a specific day for delivery monday 31/12 giving DIETCHEF ample time to process my order. Unfortunately the following day (27/12) I received email notifying me my order would be delivered the next day, which meant that it would arrive far too soon. I immediately emailed them to attempt to rectify, but my emails fell on deaf ears. I was not going to be at home until late on the new expected delivery date and I was concerned as I was unsure in which condition the food would arrive considering it was dispatched too early. As predicted delivery was attempted whilst I was out, then sat around in a delivery warehouse from the Friday until Monday when delivery was made ie 31/12. I was concerned all weekend for not knowing if the order was originally in a frozen state and would inevitably thaw, what conditions the food were being kept at the delivery warehouse. Dietchef should have allayed my fears in that all the food can be kept in a cold room, no need to refrigerate, as it is ALL vacuum packed and not frozen.
I have only a stone to lose and am hoping this can be achieved by the end of the programme. As regards the actual meals, I have found around half the dinners eaten so far have been somewhat bland, eg., the chicken curry has no curry flavour whatsoever, the porridge if cooked as per instructions is extremely thick and raw tasting. I add water to the final stir to make it more edible. To sum up despite some of my grievances I have found the portion sizes adequate, the soups are lovely and I haven't been hungry. To their credit Dietchef state you can return meals you don't like for exchange for others within a specific period.

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