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We are here to sell - not to provide a customer service !!!

This is the message I received from a store manager when I walked into a Three Shop in Nottingham to seek advice about a non-working Sim Card. And the other remark from the same person was: "I can be as angry as I like and stomp my feed - they are not going to help me sort out my problem. I need to call their 0843 number". The sales assistant did not even understand when I asked him whether they provided customer service, He looked at me very quizzically and eventually said that they don't sell this package !!!
I have tried to call their 0843 number and dread to think about my next phone bill. This number charges 5p per minute where you will be left waiting for hours just to find yourself eventually somewhere in India talking to someone who doesn't understand your problem, hangs up several times so you have to call again, waiting for another hour or so just to go through the same problem again.
Unfortunately my problem has still not been sorted. Hmm, customer services can definitetly not been bought at Three. Steer clear, that's all I can say !!!

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