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I bought a photo camera called Vivicam in the end of November 2013, soon I start to take photos but you cannot see the picture clear at all then I have set up in all the modes it has the camera with no luck same shitty pictures I went to the shop after holidays and show it to the '' sales manager'' and you know what he said he said this is what you get at this price!! (it cost me £24.99), I read all the bad reviews and I am sorry about all the people spend a lot more in this shop and I kind of feel a bit weird to complain for such less but in the end of the day this is wrong and they should put a note next to the price like this camera takes shitty pictures if you steel want it up to you but, by hiding this its called pretty much stealing money off people so I don't think they should have this shop still open, if I have the power I will close down not just Curry's but all the bad shops on the market, my advice be very aware before you buy anything from small to big and not just read our reviews but also take actions like don't go there at all even if its emergency because you might end up with more than en emergency, lost of time money stress etc.


BAD BAD BAD and BAD!!!! People do not go to specsavers!!!

I went to specsavers for an eye test, last time I had an eye test was back in 2008 in Edinburgh with a different optician where they prescribe me 0.75 at my right eye only that was all, now back to spacsavers, the optician prescribe me three to four times more stronger lenses now the problem for me is that they said that the test was back in January but I keep thinking it was much late because I wore them only after I start the college mid August 2013, maybe my calculation its wrong but the thing is, that my eyes got worse, more sore, I cannot focus keep having blurring image all the time, so I went back to make another test and another optician told me that you don't need glasses just some eye drops (he prescribe me then Viscotears and Lacrilube) he explain that I have dry eyes and he told me that the lenses I have are too strong for me then I said but those lenses one of your colleague prescribe me then he answer I quote: things change! the problem is that I don't think that its true because I came back with same/worse symptoms (after one year/half year whatever they said) so I left this was 12/12/2013 but come back next day ask to speak with somebody about this and I did explain the staff there first excuse himself that he needs to go speak with the optician I saw it the other day-of course how convenient so they can make the story fit and of course came back after a long time he told me same thing that things change, I honestly thought that is useless to start argue so I left but made an writing complaint and post it that day to Optical Complaint Services and the next day first time in the morning they called me and advice me to write an complaint letter to specsavers too asking to get an answer about my refund by post so they will have evidence that I send they send back if it will be the case as I just write the complaint and will post tomorrow 18/12/3013, I have also made another test today with another optician to get more opinions I have not tell them anything it was also a good deal this in Union Street, Aberdeen at Optical Express it was free of charge test and she told me that I do not need glasses and I have a condition dry eyes she explain and prescribe me drops Blink Intensive tears, I will keep you update I am curious about what specsavers have to say if they don't I will get back anyway. Happy Christmas Everyone and All The Best!!

18 December 2013

Reply from Specsavers

Hi Alice, sorry to hear about your experience - we'd like to look in to this in more detail for you and contact the store on your behalf. Can you send us a private message with your full details and the store you had visited to our Facebook page? Here is the link:
We look forward to hearing from you.



I am a new customer unfortunately, i called first BT for instalation but the next available appointment was in more than a month time and because i could not wait i called... ofcourse Sky i didnt expect to be too bad but they are whorse than anybody i ever meet, i made international phone calls to my family and the first bill was around 26pounds only, a month later my bill was 120 pounds i call the customer services and i ask them to send me bill by post from now on because am overdrawn at bank and cannot afford to pay all once they lied to me that its ok and unfortunately i didnt think to cancel my direct debit because i believe and trust them so i put 90pounds in my bank they took it all whithin seconds left me with no money ( am single parent and n o benefits ), after this i cancelled the direct debit and refuse to make any further payment untill they called near holidays ofcourse ask me about money i told them i have no money and will pay when i have and i ask how much i owe he said only 22pounds left no more i quote "we dont charge for any delay" soon after the call i just receive a 122pounds bill i cannot belive this am speachless because they cut my services two months ago so i only have internet no other services and to cancel the contract they want 300 hundred pounds of me ha ha ha in their dreams maybe...they are nice to you just to make you sign and first month good only then stab you right behind your back, my suggestion is stay away from Sky and dont believe any word because they are a big shitt liers!!!!!!!

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