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Rip offs with poor service

I have always liked the look of cath kidston products and on occasion i've splashed out bit and treated myself.

It's the patterns I've always liked and whenever i've brought crockery etc it's been fantastic but some of the clothing items especially are ridiculously priced. I brought a skirt a few years ago for £80 (an awful lot on a student budget when commuting to two different counties every day!) It was unlined and was made from calico, not even a nice quality fabric. There must be one hell of a mark up on these products! I found this still to be the case after a cath kidston store opened up in nottingham and i had a look at the dressing gowns, they were lovely patterns but the fabric quality was more like what i'd expect to get in primark. Despite being rather miffed and feeling a bit ripped off i decided to let it go as I'm not usually one for complaining.

A couple of years later I visited the cath kidston store in birmingham selfridges and found a pair of white floral canvas shoes. There was one pair left in my size but they had a huge yellow stain all down one side where the canvas had been covered with adhesive. They were patently faulty in terms of their quality and i certainly wouldn't have expected them to try and flog them at their full price. I asked the cashier if they would sell them at a slight discount but was told no, even faulty items do not get marked down. Naturally the shoes got left at the counter!

I had my most recent issue with cath kidston yesterday, the straw that broke the camels back and has spurred me on to post my anger!
I visited the cath kidston january sale and purchased a good £56 worth of products. The next morning I checked my email and found that my card had been declined and i would need to call their customer services, and so i did!

I managed to get through to a girl who confirmed the goods i'd tried to order and put it through manually over the phone.

I was in no rush for the items so I didn't have an issue with speed of delivery, however i was most disappointed when i opened my parcel to find half of the goods i'd ordered were missing.

I immediately called their customer services and was on hold for over 15mins. Eventually a lady answered and I explained the problem, and she put me on hold for 5 mins while she looked into it.

Apparently the products i'd originally ordered had gone out of stock during the time my card wasn't processing and they didn't know when i sorted the order over the phone. She then went on to tell me they'd sort out a refund for the products.

This absolutely stumped me as this meant I'd been charged for products, not been informed they were out of stock, and received no contact or even acknowledgement that I was due a refund.

My issue is not with the staff in customer services, they have their T&C's and were all pleasant enough. I've worked in retail for many years and even in my current role I have to deal with products going out of stock but they have ALWAYS been contacted within 24 hours of placing the order and the products showing as out of stock, and the refund would certainly have been put back on the card. This isn't the customers responsibility to chase up!

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