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Great sales person, arrogant 'tech guy' (Nuneaton store)

We went in Currys of Nuneaton with the intention of buying a laptop.
The sales person, though young was very knowledgeable about the range of products and provided honest answers to the questions I had raised.
I purchased the laptop and at the same time purchased a sound bar which caught my eye whilst in the store.
Three weeks after purchasing the soundbar a fault developed which switched the soundbar off after 25 - 45 minutes.
I returned the soundbar to the store where I was met by a young tech guy.
I explained the problem to him and he insisted that the product must be checked for the fault prior to an exchange as per the manager's policy.
When questioning him again about an exchange he again stated that he must test the product first. I insisted that he does so while I am present, and he began to unpack the product and set it up ready for testing. He did state that it would take a while, but I insisted that I would wait because it was as if he did not believe me!
Approximately 15 - 20 minutes into the test, he went to see someone in store that I can only assume was his supervisor or the store manager.
He then came back and asked me if I wanted to exchange the product as he did not have the time to spend testing it.
I replied yes as that was the intention in the first place.
It transpired that there was none left in store or any in the local area as they had sold out. This was probably due to the fact that the soundbar had been discounted by a further £20 and that he would have to order one. The earliest delivery date he could give me was a week away. When asking if he could get a delivery any sooner, the answer was yes but I would have to pay a delivery charge, which I declined as I had paid more for the soundbar prior to the sale price.
I was given a delivery date and receipt and left the store.
I make no apologies for writing chapter and verse because that is what I experienced from the Nuneaton store.
In summary - Very helpful sales people, but not so if you have to return something.

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