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Rapid delivery with no fuss!

I got sick of going to our local pharmacies and being given the third degree about buying normal retail painkillers. I know they "have to ask" the usual questions - but some of them make you feel like a random junkie off the streets. Oxford Online let you buy legal products without any more hassler than is necessary. It's worth the cost of carriage to avoid being patronised by someone half or even one-third of your age. I'll certainly be ordering again.


Rapid delivery - without having to face the Inquisition!

I started shopping for pharmacy products online because I sick of going to my local pharmacies and being put through an impertinent cross-examination by a person half or even a third my age about "what I wanted these for." Why is it that unqualified people who have peripheral contact with pharmacists or doctors feel entitled to talk down to you like hospital consultants? All they're required to do is to remind you of a couple of cautionary facts about the product, but many of them make such a meal of it that you're left feeling like a hobo junkie. Online I can answer the proffered questions quickly and get access to treatment which I understand only too well, having suffered from semi-frequent headaches for decades and knowing perfectly well which legal products are efficacious.. Thank you, Pharmacy2U

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